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We aspire to bring machines into people's everyday lives and free them from the stresses of life
Independent chip technology to meet more customer needs.
Our vacuum cleaners feature a pet-friendly design to ensure quiet, stable operation and avoid unnecessary scaring or disturbance to your pets.Vistefly vacuum cleaners also feature germicidal and deodorizing functions to effectively eliminate odors left behind by pets and create a fresh, germ-free home environment for you.
 In 2016, when Dany Zhao started to solve the household cleaning problems, he found that the vacuum cleaners on the market now only improve the appearance and functions of vacuum cleaners, but the cleaning encountered problems still cannot be solved. He deeply understood users' daily life and found that traditional vacuum cleaners and those on the market were not only bulky, but also noisy, easy to clog and expensive, which brought a lot of inconvenience to home cleaning.
Dany Zhao dived into research and exploration and finally found inspiration: he wanted to create a vacuum cleaner that not only cleaned efficiently, but also provided a more comfortable and intelligent using experience.
 In 2018, Dany Zhao created the vistefly brand, and his team embarked on a series of innovative experiments, constantly trying out new materials, technologies and designs. After many iterations and improvements, they finally developed a vacuum cleaner called the "V12". Equipped with intelligent sensor technology, the Vistefly vacuum cleaner automatically recognizes the type of floor and adjusts suction power to ensure efficient cleaning without the need for manual adjustment. The introduction of this technology makes cleaning easier and more efficient, so users no longer have to worry about missing any corners.
To solve the problem of noisy traditional vacuum cleaners, Dany Zhao's team invested a lot of effort in noise control research and development. They used advanced noise reduction technology and sound insulation materials to reduce the noise of Vistefly vacuum cleaners to a minimum, so users can enjoy the cleaning process in a quiet environment and no longer be disturbed by noise.
In addition, Dany Zhao has made a comprehensive solution to the problem of easy clogging of vacuum cleaners. They designed an efficient filtration system that can effectively filter dust and debris to avoid clogging from occurring. This innovative technology not only ensures the long-lasting use of the vacuum cleaner, but also reduces the maintenance work of the user.
With the launch of the Vistefly vacuum cleaner, it quickly became a hit with users and was followed by generations of new vacuum cleaners from the Dany Zhao team, including the v12PRO,V15MAX,V15 and many more. Attracted by its excellent performance, stylish appearance and intelligent functions, Vistefly has become synonymous with household cleaning, allowing users to enjoy a more convenient and efficient cleaning experience in their busy lives.
Vistefly Vacuum Cleaners

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